Storytelling and Culture: East Meets West Part 1

The nature of storytelling is less free-flowing than it appears on paper and differing storytelling philosophies of the East and West shape the way that location-based entertainment is developed and experienced.

Putting Divergent Thinking to Work

All creativity requires some combination of divergent and convergent thinking. So, why do so many organizations develop a convergent thinking bias?

The Future Will Be Built By Game Engines

The game engine is in the process of democratizing digital creation on a massive scale. As a result, the lines between user and creator are disappearing. We are on the verge of an epic creative revolution.

Go Beyond the Status Quo

Many of the qualities we think of as “entrepreneurial” will become essential skills for doing any kind of business. Letting go of the status quo is really about tuning into the state of change. Once you do, you can start to see where you and your organization fit into the flow.

Soft Skills Are the Hardest to Master

If hard skills are what you do, then soft skills are really how you do it. Given the changeability of modern employment and technology, most of us will be constantly learning new technical skills over our lifetimes. Soft skills are never obsolete. And yes, they can and should be developed.

To Infinity and Beyond

Joe Rohde is a creative of deep artistic integrity who has always demonstrated an exceptional ability to navigate the challenging intersection between art and commerce. He is a person of vision. I was saddened to see him step away from his role as a Disney Imagineer.

Introducing Our New Website

We’re excited to share our new website, which offers a fresh look at the experience industry through case studies featuring some of the world’s most iconic brands including Hershey Entertainment and Resorts, Carnival Cruise Line, Evergrande Group, and Lamborghini.

Brand Relaunch: Raven Sun 2.0

An emotional connection is created through brand experiences—the many touchpoints a consumer has with a brand over the course of a lifetime.

Be Like Water

Recently I shared some thoughts on Blooloop about what the martial arts icon Bruce Lee had to say about handling change and how it might apply to the way we do business in the 21st century.