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Louis Alfieri is a frequent contributor and trusted resource to the themed entertainment industry. As a featured speaker at the global SXSW, IAAPA, SATE, MAPIC,and GSCA conferences he brings interest and excitement on topics of development, branding, establishing industry standards among others. He’s an author and frequent contributor to Blooloop, Themed Attraction, Attraction Pros, and many other publications. 

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For more than 30 years, Louis has worked with global brands as an authority in leading, designing, and building experiential entertainment destinations, mixed-use developments, immersive media-based attractions, retail locations, cultural sites, and experiential events. He has a long track record of success collaborating with large multidisciplinary teams on the conceptualization, design, and implementation of location-based entertainment mixed- use resorts, theme parks, waterparks, museums, and cultural destinations—and always pushing to reach your potential.

Louis covers a broad range of topics, with special focus on elevating the location  based industry’s standards and best practices.  Fan favorite discussions include:

  • Experiential design across the phygital frontier 
  • The future of entertainment and culture 
  • Brand storytelling
  • Intellectual property use, deployment, and development
  • Emerging markets and business models
  • Working internationally and multi-culturally


In a time of unprecedented technological and media convergence, the destination brand stands at the ultimate point of intersection. Location-based experiences offer brands the broadest possible range of expression and deepest potential for human engagement.

How does a guest destination or brand expanding into the destination space find its true path through a wilderness of creative possibility to connect meaningfully with their audience?

Drawing from over 30 years’ experience in the field of experiential design in the physical and digital realms, Louis Alfieri provides a roadmap for brands and organizations seeking to bring out their best through the art of experiential design. He shares his holistic design strategy for how to translate an organization’s unique identity into transformational experiences for guests.

Making the most out of experiential design requires an understanding of how to balance creative, budgetary, and operational needs. In this presentation, Louis offers key insights on how to harmonize dimensions of viability, feasibility, sustainability, and desirability to generate the greatest possible value for all stakeholders. 

The Future of Entertainment & Culture

The future is coming at us faster than ever. The accelerating pace of technological and cultural change requires leaders to be forward-thinking in a time of unprecedented uncertainty and instability. For those in the creative, cultural, and digital industries, the ability to anticipate what’s next has never been more crucial or more difficult to come by.   

In this presentation, Louis Alfieri illuminates how the ever-changing landscape of media, entertainment, culture, and digital can yield big opportunities for businesses and entrepreneurs that seize the day. Louis provides a rational framework for looking ahead and identifying important drivers of change and the emerging trends that matter.  

Our “closeness” to the future puts us in a unique position to shape it. The principles of foresight Louis provides enable creative, cultural, and digital organizations to play a more empowered role in the shape of things to come. 

The power of Brand Storytelling

People buy stories. The most successful brands in the world know how to tell stories that resonate powerfully with their audience.

Story is the universal framework through which humans find meaning. It is our most immersive, emotional, and multidimensional form of communication.

The most compelling brand stories work because they capture and celebrate aspirational truths for the consumer.

In this exploration of the process, Louis Alfieri identifies the key principles of effective brand storytelling and how to apply them to forge a stronger bond with an audience. With the insights Louis shares from his career as an experiential storyteller, brands of all kinds can tap into the unique nature of their relationship with the consumer to tell a story that differentiates them from the competition across the phygital frontier.    


A great entertainment IP is a precious resource for any organization or destination. Creative intellectual property looms large in the collective imagination, dominating the cultural landscape. Audiences form powerful, lasting emotional connections with the storyworlds that resonate.

Over the course of his career in experiential design and IP representation and development, Louis Alfieri has created award-winning destination adaptations of blockbuster IP. He has helped destination owners and developers navigate the complexities of IP licensing. He has also represented major IP holders entering the experiential space physically and digitally.   

In this session, Louis approaches the leveraging the power of IP from several different perspectives:

  • IP holders expanding into the destination and attractions space
  • Prospective licensees seeking the perfect IP partnership
  • Organizations developing original IP

Whether adapting an established IP for a destination setting or creating an all-new IP from scratch, organizations can benefit profoundly from the actionable insights Louis provides. 


Emerging markets around the world are an increasingly important part of our global economy. “Majority world” nations and their fast-growing markets offer huge opportunities for shared international business success—opportunities that many organizations and entrepreneurs continue to overlook and undervalue.

Louis Alfieri understands the opportunities and challenges, risks and rewards of working in emerging markets across the globe. For over 30 years he has collaborated with businesses globally , witnessing and participating in the rapid evolution of  the leisure, destination, culture, and digital  sectors. His extensive experiences in Japan and China, as well as with other emerging markets in Asia, the Middle East, and Europe, forms the basis for this insightful examination on how to tap into growing opportunity internationally.  

This session explores how organizations not only pursue successful ventures in emerging markets but also build teams and  practices that ensure shared prosperity and long-term growth on both sides of the relationship.


Thriving in this era of global interconnection requires the ability to collaborate seamlessly across cultures, languages, time zones, organizational boundaries, and geopolitical borders. Businesses, both large and small, are competing in a densely interrelated world economy, and the advantage belongs to those with a high level of global competency.

How can leaders bring together high-performing globally distributed teams and international alliances united around a common sense of purpose?

Louis Alfieri has decades of experience working around the globe, leading multinational, multi-organizational teams and partnerships to success. He has lived and worked extensively in Japan and China, and has developed a deep affinity for the diverse people and cultures of Asia.      

In this session, Louis provides tools and strategies for leveraging global diversity and bridging cultural differences. He shares foundational principles for developing the kind of cultural intelligence essential for success when collaborating internationally. 

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