Make the world your classroom

Embark on a grand tour of the extraordinary places, experiences, and events setting the standard for experiential excellence around the world today. Take a journey of transformation designed to awaken your wonder, expand your perspective, and redefine your vision of what’s possible.

Your curated itinerary will assemble all the innovative, game-changing places and spaces you need to know to compete on a global stage. You’ll experience premiere destinations as a guest and come to understand them as a world authority. Empowered by expert guidance, field-tested metrics, and a proven framework for insightful qualitative analysis, you’ll map and measure the practices, trends, and innovations to realize your deepest potential.

Benchmarking Trips

Explore the boundaries–so you can redefine them.

“We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.” – T.S. Eliot

Bring home the knowledge you need to do it better.

Expand your frame of reference with our expert guidance and in-depth analysis, acquiring real-world data, insight, cultural depth, and inspiration to gain your competitive advantage.

Elevate your competitive intelligence.  

We will travel the world with you offering fresh eyes to things you have never seen and understood before providing your team with sound insights and strategic approaches to building your next guest experience. 

Explore a curated list of destinations around the globe to uncover the leading principles, practices, and solutions driving success in the experiential sector. Members of our team will accompany your team providing fresh eyes on the experiential medium, pros and cons of destination development, master planning, design, business models, operations, and the guest experience. 

Each trip includes time allocated for problem solving, identifying effective solutions, developing an action plan, and articulating next steps. 

To be the best, you need to experience the best. 

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Benchmarking Trips

All cancellations will be issued in the form of a credit and may be transferred to a different date and time of the same trip. Cancellation requests made within 7 days of the trip will not receive a refund or a transfer and are subject to applicable travel fees. If, for any reason, we must cancel our participation of the trip, the same policy will apply in reverse — cancellations before 7 days will be applied to a credit and those within 72 hours will be fully refunded.  When you register for a custom benchmarking trip you agree to these terms. 

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