Louis Alfieri

Your offering has to be transformational. It should fulfill an aspirational need and be compelling enough to warrant leaving home or your phone to engage and participate.”

Industry expert Louis Alfieri propels your brand to digital and location-based entertainment success by pushing beyond the boundaries to perfect the art of experience. Insisting that we not accept what is before us—that we rise up to do it better.

For more than 30 years, Louis has worked with global brands as an authority in leading, designing, and building experiential entertainment destinations, mixed-use developments, immersive media-based attractions, retail locations, cultural sites, and experiential events. He has a long track record of success collaborating with large multidisciplinary teams on the conceptualization, design, and implementation of location-based entertainment mixed- use resorts, theme parks, waterparks, museums, and cultural destinations—and always pushing to reach your potential.

A frequent contributor and trusted resource to the themed entertainment industry, Louis has been a featured speaker at the global IAAPA, SATE, MAPIC, and GSCA conferences on topics of development, branding, and establishing industry standards. He’s an author and frequent contributor to Blooloop, Themed Attraction, Attraction Pros, and many other publications. Louis serves on the board of advisors for the Cornwall Museum Partnership and the new global LeisurUp show that launched in 2020.

Photos by Louis Alfieri

Artist Statement

I am a restless explorer—an explorer in search of questions and a self-actualization that may never provide complete answers or a finite conclusion. My work represents a deep internal conflict between the good versus the profane that exist within me.

I believe art is a gift for humanity, even when it depicts darkness -representing a dialog with the artist in a timeless experience. Through interaction with the intervention I hope to convey an emotion, to express, inspire, and motivate a call to action in the participants and viewers.

As I see it, life is an act of creation. It is energy in a myriad of forms, the matrix is before us—it is us and we are it. The journey of life is a river, ever meandering, a series of events, impressions, and transient moments. When I stand at a canvas or drawing, there are those that must be done in a single sitting for that energy must not be interrupted— it must be captured without stopping. This is the moment of creation. Other works are like game engines composed of complete experiences, relationships, and multi-branching narratives; they must take time, iterations, days, weeks, months, years to evolve. They begin with a seed that matures. My intent continuously evolves throughout the creative process and through interaction with the medium and passage of time.

I often joke that my creative vision ranges from tea cups to time travel, yet in reality that is exactly how I think and see the creative opportunities before us. We are bits of cosmic energy assembled for a very short period of time into this organizational pattern. We are born, grow, die, and deconstruct, to arrive again into a new vessel. What lessons are we to learn? What is our legacy?

I am often asking myself if it is the process I love or the outcome? Perhaps the end result is realizing that it is the journey which we live for instead of the destination itself. I find myself defined by my work – attributing value to what I learn, manifest, and share on the journey. Once I’ve completed a piece or project, this part of me is present, it lives, it remains there eternally, it represents a period, I see the previous me, and part of my energy manifested. He sacrificed to allow my rebirth to where I am now. I must in turn do the same for the Louis who does not exist yet. Who will I die trying to give birth to?

My work is an act of organizing energy into order—always striving for something greater. I feel a deep sense of urgency to achieve the potential I seek—like I’m running out of time, yet I feel somewhere deep inside that I must proceed at all costs. I embrace the challenge. I am the fire – the destruction, the rebirth, and the renewal on a daily basis.

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