Louis Alfieri Invited as a Guest Speaker to the IP Law Society Symposium​

A discussion on ip law and the process of patents

Raven Sun Creative’s Chief Creative Officer, Louis Alfieri, delivered an enlightening presentation as a guest speaker at the IP Law Society Symposium held at New York Law School on April 20th.

Joining him were Shahrohk Falati, the Director of Patent Law at New York Law School, and Mike Fletcher, the Principal of Fletcher Yoder.

The audience, consisting primarily of students and recent graduates, eagerly absorbed the discussion centered on the latest trends, processes, and applications of patents, explicitly emphasizing the dynamic global experiential entertainment industry.
Louis Alfieri’s expertise and insights, combined with the contributions of Shahrohk Falati and Mike Fletcher, provided the audience with valuable knowledge and a deeper understanding of intellectual property and patent law in the context of the entertainment sector.

During the symposium, Alfieri and Fletcher generously shared their extensive experience and valuable advice regarding the practice and application of intellectual property law.

The two speakers specifically addressed the differences between working with legal patents within large and small firms, providing unique insights into the nuances of each setting. Drawing from their roles as principal creatives for their experiential design studios and consulting firms, Alfieri and Fletcher shed light on the challenges and opportunities of navigating intellectual property law in smaller and larger firms, drawing from decades of experience working with global IPs, licensing, and patents within multiple regions.

Alfieri and Fletcher’s combined expertise offered the audience a comprehensive understanding of the diverse landscapes and approaches to intellectual property law.

Raven Sun Creative wishes a special thank you to Shahrokh Falati for the invitation to speak with the students, as well as the internal IP Law Society team who organized the two day event.

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