Louis and Amy Speakers at the WXO Campfire Session

Eastern & Western storytelling...

Louis Alfieri and Amy Kole recently led a keynote speech on the experiences of Eastern and Western culture benefiting and informing the experience of entertainment and cultural destinations for the World Experience Organization. The talk was based off of Part I, Part II, and Part III of the “East Meets West” series co-written by Louis and Amy focusing on the diverging techniques of Eastern and Western storytelling, and how they manifest in location-based entertainment. The talking points included the differing narrative structures of storytelling techniques across the two cultures, the implementation of cultural-based story beats in immersive experiences, and the benefits of cross-pollination between the the narrative outlines when it comes to creating both domestic and international experiences. 

Louis and Amy shared a number of examples ranging from food culture, language, numerology, population, and vacation patterns that influence the creative process and consumer engagement. They concluded the session with application ideas moving forward for future experiences that pull from both Eastern and Western Cultures.

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