Behind the IP: Reese’s Cupfusion—Gumbo

Project Type

Prototypical interactive gaming dark ride with original IP


Hersheypark, Hershey, PA, USA


Nickname: The Bouncing Brawn

Candy Type: gummy bear (flavor: Brussels sprout)

In the Reese’s Cupfusion interactive dark ride, Gumbo, the gelatin-based muscle on the League of Misfit Candy, is just one of the bumbling but lovable troublemakers Hersheypark guests encounter during the Reese’s Cupfusion interactive adventure. A practitioner of “gummy parkour” who just loves to bounce, Gumbo will prove one of the tougher culprits for guests to wrangle.

From the Writer

"One of the biggest challenges of creating a whole new IP for a ride experience is that you have very little time for your guests to get acquainted with this new cast of characters. You need to able to communicate the essential nature of a character in a moment. With Gumbo, we discovered that if we visually complicated him too much—put him in clothes, for instance, the way I had initially pictured him— it got in the way of the understanding the basic idea that he’s a gummy bear. Sometimes simplicity is the key."
Tim Madison
Show Writer

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