We Need to Lead Change

it's up to us to take charge

In this newest vlog entry, Louis Alfieri discusses the need for us to lead the change we need in the world. 

As designers, the need to control and create is ongoing and furious, even in the best of time. During the worst, it’s easy to feel that our grasp on the world is slowly falling away as one historic event begets another, leading us down rabbit hole after rabbit hole of “once in a lifetime” circumstances. It feels like a cascading snowball getting bigger and bolder as it picks up momentum.

It’s easy to forget the people we need to guide toward a brighter tomorrow are already in the room, listening and planning, taking notes and internalizing the forgotten promise that the future meant possibility–not destruction. The leaders are ourselves, and it’s time for us to rise to the occasion.

In advance, a small warning: a curse word is used once  related to the lack of meaningful leadership in this world; if that is likely to offend you, please don’t watch it.

"This latest piece deviates from our ongoing series as it is related to an event happening in the world right now - and that we need to lead change." ~ Louis Alfieri

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