Storytelling and Culture: East Meets West Part 3

Continuing the Discussion...

What type of physical and societal conventions do designers need to be aware of when designing an immersive experience for an Eastern audience, and how does this differ when designing for a Western audience?

Cultural Impact of storytelling

The experience of designing in another culture opens many opportunities, as well as considerations that differ from culture-to-culture. Louis Alfieri and myself continue the discussion on the topic of experimental design in the East. Article one covered the differences in storytelling techniques from the East and West, and article two took a deeper look into what the design process manifests into when creating experiences for different audiences from a narrative and guest role.

In the third piece of our East Meets West series published via Blooloop, the conversation turns toward how societal customs help to inform physical design with consideration of the guests embarking on each experience. This goes beyond the story: it involves sizing, location, and family dynamics. We also share a little of our own experiences as expats living abroad in diverse cultures.

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