Behind the IP: Reese’s Cupfusion—Crazy Corn

Project Type

Prototypical interactive gaming dark ride with original IP


Hersheypark, Hershey, PA, USA

Crazy Corn

Nickname: The Wild One 

Candy Type: candy corn 

In the Reese’s Cupfusion interactive dark ride, Crazy Corn is one of the screwball antagonists wreaking havoc in the Reese’s Central factory. It’s up to guests to stop him and his fellow mischief makers in the League of Misfit Candy from stealing the precious Crystal Cup! 

Fact: Candy corn has been called “the most controversial of all Halloween sweets.” When asked for comment, Crazy Corn did not return our calls. 

From the Writer

"Crazy Corn may be my favorite character of the Reese’s Cupfusion bunch. He is the looniest in the League of Misfit Candy—just pure joyful mayhem. If you’ve ever had a dog that gets the ‘zoomies’ and runs around the house like a hyper nut, that’s what I imagined being the true essence of Crazy Corn."
Tim Madison
Show Writer

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