Raven Sun Creative Project is the home of Olympics in China

A Familiar sight for raven sun creative

The 2022 Olympics kicked off this past weekend, taking place in Beijing, China. For team members at Raven Sun Creative, a familiar sight filled the screen in the homes of billions of viewers: the sprawling Shougang Industrial Park in Beijing’s Shijingshan district. Raven Sun Creative CEO Louis Alfieri and the rest of the team was tasked with transforming the vast, industrial site into a stunning model of 21st century urban renewal to invigorate the surrounding area along with the Shougang Group (also known locally as Capital Steel)The Shougang Industrial Park is currently home to the Beijing 2020 Olympic Games Organizing Committee, and hosting the Big Air snowboarding venue for the games.

“The scale and complexity of the project demanded holistic thinking on an urban scale, incorporating a host of interrelated concerns on the macro and micro level. Our approach was to view the existing site and its potential future within an ecosystem framework, both in the traditional ecological sense and as a complex human network, able to support and nurture creative and commercial interests. How could we create an environment in which an urban ecosystem would take hold, grow, and thrive far into the future?” ~ Louis Alfieri

To learn more about Raven Sun Creative’s participation and contribution to this exciting project check out our case study.

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