Storytelling & culture: East meets West, part 4

Opening the Floor for discussion

In our series on East and West, we’ve started to uncover and dissect the commonalities––and differences–– to not only designing in different countries but conducting business as well. Neither of us would claim to be absolute experts on the social or cultural nuances of a particular country or region. It is thanks to many wonderful translators that concepts are able to get off the ground and agreements reached, leading us to including the many talented and wise voices that are part of this process in the fourth article.

Louis Alfieri and Amy Kole are joined by experts from Asia in the next instalment of their conversation exploring experiential design in the East.

Speaking to the True Experts

In this article, the floor is opened for discussion as Louis and Amy are joined be fellow industry professionals and translators Noriko Otomo, Chizuru Horiuchi, Bai Wanpeng, Dai Yenchi (Peter), Yong Xie, Qin Zhi Bo (Bob Tomson), and Lim Yu Yue.

The group discusses all perspectives on working across language and cultural barriers, and shares insight on how we can all be better collaborators when working across a multi-cultural table.

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