Louis Panelist and Moderator at CEC

The relationship between guests and technology...

Louis spoke and moderated on three different panels at the Casino Esports Conference in Las Vegas in October. For the first panel, Louis was joined by Marque Cornblatt and Steve Boyle (Epic Immersive CEO) to talk about how technology and immersive experiences can work across the phygital frontier. They discussed the emerging trend of  use of digital brands in the physical space such as amazon and youtube, and how casino and esports operators can articulate their brands in the brick and mortar world.

The second panel was moderated by Louis, featuring Finn Staber and Bill Tustin of Tick and Waffle, and Jim Berratta w/ UCLA. The panel explored the application development and future use of AR, MR, and VR in the competitive gaming space, esports, and global entertainment. The group then discussed the opportunity and challenges to implementing this technology, how to build a relationship with the guests, and the business infrastructure needed to achieve success.

The third panel featured Louis and Harry Fox with Jameson Selby as the moderator discussing AI and how that can help the gaming and video game business across market sectors and verticals. The group discussed the creative merits of AI, as well as some of the potential pitfalls of this evolving technology. The discussion was far ranging from a high concept standpoint to a more molecular application.

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