Louis Speaker at IAAPA Europe

A Discussion on co-creation...

Louis traveled to Barcelona for IAAPA Europe in September to speak alongside Arnold van de Water (founder of Factorr and the Meet Vincent Van Gogh Experience) and James Wallman (founder of WXO and a leader in the UK Experience Group). The group had an engaging discussion on co-creation and its application within every level of the experiential entertainment industry. The three panelist emphasized the importance of looking toward more interactive and emotionally relevant experiences as the need for co-creation between guest and destination becomes more pertinent. 

They also discussed opportunities to incorporate co-creation in culture and entertainment from a variety of perspectives ranging from low-tech to future-tech, incorporating game engines and multi-branching, non linear narratives. The group lastly shared with the audience their ability to incorporate co-creation at every scale, whether they are a small, individual owner or operator, up to the largest global brands.

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