THE REC-ROOM / REC-TTS – Reconfigurable Environment Combat – Tactical Training Simulator

Do Combat Simulation Better

The REC-Room is an advanced immersive training simulator designed to build the skills of soldiers and emergency responders in hyper-realistic combat and crisis scenarios, designed to fill a gap between traditional field exercises and existing VR training technology. We created this first-of-its-kind simulator environment to put soldiers and personnel into highly realistic battlefield and disaster scenarios to enhance performance, build experience, and improve decision-making.

Project Type

Entrepreneurial Prototype / Invention




US Government, Allies, and Emergency Response Market


How can we apply a range of immersive technologies to optimize soldier units and emergency response personnel for combat and crisis scenarios? Our aim was to provide an infinitely versatile training and evaluation platform that put personnel into real space simulations that offered what field exercise and virtual reality could not.


  • We assembled a global A-Team of creatives and technology specialists to invent an entirely new kind of simulation environment.
  • We set out to invent a training and evaluation platform that would satisfy a wide variety of needs and fill a gap we identified between traditional field exercises and existing VR training technology.
  • The effectiveness of any training program is dependent upon the ability to duplicate real world conditions and to create a facsimile of real risk in a safe setting. 
  • An advanced simulator with a real time – real space reconfigurable environment could deliver a higher level of realism, precisely controllable conditions, and an infinite variety of customized scenarios. 
  • With ability to recreate actual real world scenarios in real time, using lidar enabled satellites, lidar enable drones, and photogrammetry –  any physical space changes can be made in 60-120 minutes maximum…
  • Designed to enhance performance in real time, individual optimization, team dynamics, and skill-building can be studied, analyzed, and tested.
  • Performance optimization includes:
    • Individual, team, and collaborative performance from different activity sites / theaters
    • Operational readiness
    • Situational awareness and threat recognition
    • Post experience evaluation and analysis
    • Psychological preparedness and recovery
    • De-escalation skills
    • Equipment readiness and improvement
  • A major requirement was that the platform be rapidly reprogrammable and reconfigurable and highly versatile, offering the ability to stage virtually any kind of crisis scenario.


Developed a complete REC-TTS (Reconfigurable Environment Combat – Tactical Training Simulator) employing:

  • Algorithm-based artificial intelligence
  • Algorithmic-based analytics
  • Real-time game engine 
  • Biometric performance awareness and decision analysis
  • Proven field-tested technology
  • Motion capture technology (MOCAP)
  • Cutting-edge simulation rendering and projection platforms
  • Film and entertainment special effect delivery systems
  • GPS enabled industrial transportation hardware
  • Randomized sequences coupled with variable human interface
  • Behavior learning 
  • Lidar/photogrammetry enabled drone and satellite connectivity

The Results

Flexibility of the system has shown great promise in other fields for varying applications. The REC-Room platform is currently being adapted for experiential art creation, activism, and advocacy on global environmental and humanitarian issues.


The REC Room capabilities include:

  • Completely immersive simulation for extended periods of time.
  • Scalable-highly flexible-embedded training / mission rehearsal.
  • Reprogrammable and Reconfigurable environment in less than 2 hours, allowing:
    • The geospatial and surface re-creation of any city, village, or town in the world
    • At any time of day or night
    • In any weather pattern
    • At most temperatures
  • Randomized real-time interactivity on site.
  • Integrated gyroscopic suit mechanics and taser based reaction interface.
  • Fully recordable for comprehensive analysis & soldier optimization training.
  • Pyrotechnics and other physical special effects to maximize the effectiveness of the training scenario.
  • Connectivity and interaction in real-time with facilities in multiple locations.


  • Complete simulator development and invention
  • Projection tower and mobile vehicle design and invention
  • Simulation experience design
  • Developed operational logic
  • Developed lidar/photogrammetry enabled drone/satellite use cases and methodology for various experiences
  • Simulation programming
  • Developed complete game engine logic
  • Storyboards, animatics, previsualizations, 3D models and wireframes, all production assets
  • Creation of all market and promotional assets
  • Developed preliminary operational budget as a stand-alone simulation facility, as multiple co-joined facilities, and as a traveling special units facility
  • Coordinated with vendor and military related executive management and project directors
  • Assembled and oversaw all team members

More Work

Turning Point is a global issue, artist, media and creative-based experience that will blur the lines between the physical and digital worlds in real time to trigger change in the future of humanity.

Linking urban centers and nature, physical artistic field installations respond to big data and are powered by participants via a game engine’s interactives, to create a communication loop in real time, triggering a turning point towards action for our planet’s future.

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