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The ULTRATOWER® is our patented ride system. Designed and developed in partnership with Intamin Rides of Switzerland, the ULTRATOWER® utilizes a 6 DOF motion-based ride vehicle-mounted to a programmable variable high-speed drop tower, with integrated 2D / 3D high-definition media to create a physically and visually immersive multi-sensory experience like no other. The customizable system enables a destination to deliver a top-tier world class experience at a fraction of the cost and space industry giants typically require.


Entrepreneurial Prototype / Invention




Global destination owners


What was missing in the location-based entertainment marketplace? Could we create a new and unique attraction solution that put a top-flight E-ticket ride within the grasp of a wider range of destinations, owners, and developers, including regional parks and smaller cultural institutions?


We assembled a global A-team with diverse perspectives to collaborate on big picture questions. Taking a holistic approach, we explored how we could address a number of interrelated challenges in the marketplace. We wanted a robust ride system capable of delivering a WOW guest experience; it also needed to have a small footprint, a high guest capacity, and lower maintenance costs to meet the practical and operational challenges owners face.  Among our most important development goals, we wanted this attraction experience to be a platform of limitless possibilities for brands, IPs and destinations to expand their own stories – resulting in powerful guest memories.


Designed and patented our own ride system, an innovative product that could be customized according to the client’s needs, combined and optimized to exceed the best aspects of existing industry technology incorporating a +/- G force capable variable program high-speed multi-unit tower that offers transformative experiences far greater than the sum of its parts. We kept the most common pain points of owners and destinations top of mind, stressing that affordability, long-term reliability, and versatility were must-have characteristics. Bring the best minds in the ride, AV, programming, show experience, operator, and financial modeling businesses together, we developed the most cost-effective solution that delivers a truly world-class experience.


  • Programmable 6-DOF motion bases combined with a variable high-speed drop tower capable of creating sustained positive and negative G-force.
  • Motion picture quality media capable of providing a 2D or 3D immersive experience.
  • Capable of delivering linear, multi-branching, and randomized narratives.
  • The ULTRATOWER® utilizes a smaller footprint than most similar world class attractions, making it more space efficient.
  • High capacity ride system. Capable of up to 4 ride vehicles, carrying up to 24 guests in each ride vehicle.
  • Durability, weather resistance, maintainability, and long-term operational efficiency built-in to the design.
  • A price point of 10-20% of what major theme parks would typically spend to deliver on such an experience.
  • Options include 4D in vehicle effects, targeting with optional UHFR (Ultra High Frame Rate) media, and VR. 
  • Provides an industry-first solution to media blurriness and related motion sickness.
  • Available attraction variants include gyroscopic and inverted platforms.
  • Adaptable for military and commercial flight training simulations.
  • Developed with the intent that owner in-house design teams and other industry firms will develop the attraction at their direction and preference


  • Attraction development
  • Patent 
  • Show experience design
  • Ride vehicle design
  • Show programming / preliminary ride profiles for experiences 
  • Complete operational budget as a stand-alone attraction
  • Coordination with Intamin executive management and project directorsMarket and promotional assets
  • Assembled and oversaw team members
  • Oversight of project
  • Consulting for clients and other industry designers
  • Sales

More Work

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