The past, present & future of interactive narrative storytelling, part 2: Back to the roots

Interactive storytelling is not a new art form

In part one of our conversation about interactive narrative storytelling, Tim Madison and Louis Alfieri  looked at how the pursuit of deeper audience agency is driving a revolution in experience design. In this instalment, we look at the evolution of interactive narrative to better understand where the medium is headed.

Tim and Louis take a look at some of the earliest forms of interactive entertainment, such as two-play interplay, to more modern modes of immersive interactivity such as escape rooms, video games, and RPG (role-playing games). Together, they peel away the layers of history surrounding this art form, and look ahead toward what the future of interactive storytelling holds.

“What fascinates me is the question of why humans pursue more and more immersive forms of story. Storytelling has always and forever been about simulating experience. Here’s this valuable experience via story. It’s life made extraordinary, heightened and organized around a purpose—and with all the boring bits removed. We have access to adventure without real danger or hardship.” ~ Tim Madison

You can read the rest of the article here on Blooloop

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