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Raven Sun Creative partnered with the Rialto Group, a luxury yacht technology provider, to create an experiential entertainment concept and program for use in the luxury yacht market. The concept is composed of a suite of entertainment experiences, immersive interactive environments, and advanced personalizable technologies.

Project Type

Experiential Entertainment Concept / Entrepreneurial Partnership


Netherlands, Italy, United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Client & Partner

 Rialto Group


The Rialto Group approached us to explore what kind of high-end immersive entertainment experiences could be developed for a superyacht environment. Could we bring new levels of wow to an already superlative experience and to an audience accustomed to uber-luxury and spectacle? Could we “plus” life on board a superyacht? How do you impress an audience that has seen it all?

Rialto wanted to understand what could be achieved in a private oceangoing setting. In addition to pushing new boundaries experience-wise, any technological solutions needed to be robust, reliable, and user-friendly for both crew and passengers.


  • We started this project by asking, “How do you exceed the high expectations of a VIP audience?” That meant not only delivering something extraordinary–something they had never seen before—it also meant creating experiences that meshed seamlessly with the lifestyle and the identities of those onboard. More than just entertainment, it needed to be a mode of aspirational self-expression at the uppermost levels of wealth and society.
  • Our team took inspiration from marquee immersive experiences previously not privately available as well as cutting-edge interactive technology and environments.
  • We set out to create a full suite of entertainment and lifestyle experiences, content, and services that could be integrated into yacht experience, complete with user-friendly operation and automation.


  • Performed comprehensive creative and technical development.
  • Designed complete luxury entertainment concept and program.
  • Developed cost estimating model for entertainment applications in yacht environment.
  • Provided IP and art licensing plan and services.


Raven Sun and Rialto are jointly invested in all developments on the Superyacht comprehensive experiential entertainment concept. All creative project funding comes from Raven Sun, the yacht design and brand access from Rialto Group, with a partnership and business model structured such that Raven Sun is a perpetual backend participant on the project. As entrepreneurs in an at-risk situation, we are comfortable with what the opportunity represents- and remain hopeful for pushing this effort forward with significantly more progressive designs that are in process.


  • Interactive, customizable immersive interior spaces offering transformable decor and atmosphere and licensed art experiences.
  • Smart interface provides an array of shopping, gaming, and entertainment services.
  • Onboard and offboard nighttime spectacular designed and automated for simple operation and upkeep.


  • Executive consultant 
  • Experiential design
  • Brand development
  • Strategic planning
  • Budgeting
  • Creative and technical advisement
  • Licensing advisement
  • Team building

More Work

Raven Sun Creative partnered with the Rialto Group to develop a global series of luxury lifestyle entertainment and event environments that utilized cutting-edge technology for complete customization of the spaces for a variety of VIP occasions. Based on an elite level subscription model, guests would have the ability to customize the event spaces and special access to the Maiyet Collective curation of positive-impact luxury brands. Locations were slated for New York, London, and Hong Kong.

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