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Raven Sun Creative partnered with the Rialto Group to develop a global series of luxury lifestyle entertainment and event environments that utilized cutting-edge technology for complete customization of the spaces for a variety of VIP occasions. Based on an elite level subscription model, guests would have the ability to customize the event spaces and special access to the Maiyet Collective curation of positive-impact luxury brands. Locations were slated for New York, London, and Hong Kong.

Project Type

Experiential Entertainment Concept / Entrepreneurial Partnership


New York, London, Hong Kong

Client & Partner

Rialto Group / Maiyet Collection


Develop an ultra-high-end lifestyle space with an elite subscription program offering members a rapidly customizable event and entertainment platform. The aim was to create a transmutable multi-purpose “black box” environment capable of immersive personalization at a moment’s notice for an array of smaller group VIP occasions, such as:

  • Entertainment and music special events.
  • Non-governmental group (NGO) humanitarian fundraising and awareness events.
  • High-end product launch, fashion, and promotional events.
  • Special art events.


At the core of this concept was the notion of a special event environment that was capable of complete transformation to serve the needs, desires, applications, and content of the elite member clientele and concierge hosting service. Satisfying an audience accustomed to luxury experiences placed an emphasis on fulfilling certain requirements:

  • A super cutting-edge immersive entertainment technology platform enabling ultra-personalization delivering an unsurpassed visual and sound experience.
  • High versatility and the ability to rapidly adapt the venues.
  • Pre-existing programming and content.
  • Ease of use and strong support services.
  • Interactive access to luxury services and luxury amenities.


  • Extensive creative and technical development in the realization of a completely immersive and customizable multimedia “black box” entertainment platform.
  • Cost estimating model for entertainment applications in the spaces around the globe.
  • Complete luxury entertainment/event concept for 3 different operating programs.
    • NGO event
    • Nightclub Spectacular
    • VIP product launch and promotional events

The Results

Global market conditions shifted and the concept was shelved.  The research and development process proved immensely valuable, yielding some innovative solutions that continue to inform and inspire our current work.


  • Customizable immersive entertainment and event integrated technology solution
  • Elite subscription service
  • Available event programming and content assets
  • Interactive shopping services available with access to Maiyet Collective family of positive-impact luxury brands
  • Art licensing


  • Executive consultant 
  • Experiential design
  • Brand development 
  • Strategic planning
  • Budgeting
  • Creative and technical advisement
  • Licensing advisement
  • Team building

More Work

The REC-Room is an advanced immersive training simulator designed to build the skills of soldiers and emergency responders in hyper-realistic combat and crisis scenarios, designed to fill a gap between traditional field exercises and existing VR training technology. We created this first-of-its-kind simulator environment to put soldiers and personnel into highly realistic battlefield and disaster scenarios to enhance performance, build experience, and improve decision-making.

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