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Our team created 5 major theme park attractions for a 1 to 1 full-scale recreation of Shanghai’s early 20th century waterfront, informed by Chinese film, television, theater, and actual historical events. The project reflects the rich traditions of folklore and storytelling of the distant past mixed with the vibrant and turbulent world of pre-World War II Shanghai. Opening in phases 2021 – 2022.

Project Type

5 major theme park attractions for a 1:1 recreation of early 20th century Shanghai waterfront


Hengdian, China


Hengdian World Studios


Develop five major world-class experiential attractions that would drive attendance and enrich Hengdian Studios’ portfolio, within a compressed time frame on a very restricted budget.


As both a working film studio and a historically faithful recreation of the early 20th century Shanghai waterfront district, The Dream Bund represents a unique lens through which to celebrate and explore a diverse range of Chinese cultural heritage. Our creative approach necessitated the utmost cultural respect and sensitivity, as well as applying multi-culturalism, understanding, empathy, in working with the team on how to balance subject matter from both fictional and historical events. From what many considered the romantic golden age of Shanghai, we took inspiration from Chinese film, television, theater, and actual historical events. The project reflects the rich traditions of Chinese folklore and storytelling of the distant past mixed with the vibrant and turbulent world of pre-World War II Shanghai.


  • We combined and reimagined many immersive experiences, show technologies, and modes of storytelling together with unique cultural content from Shanghai history to create a series of experiences unlike any other in location-based entertainment.
  • Using The Shanghai Bund setting as a significant point of cultural convergence, many different strands of the Chinese people’s global history were able to be brought together. The convergence of culture, time period, and technology allowed us to create transformative experiences authentic to their inspirations yet entirely new to the entertainment market.

The Results

Under construction for opening phases 2021-2022


  • The Dream Tour – (Hengdian World Studios Epic Adventure Tram Tour) – An extended studio and park tour possessing 3 distinct immersive multimedia experiences at a very large scale, extending over and beyond the length of 3 full-size tram cars, streetmosphere events, and narration of fictional and historical events throughout.
    • Tsunami Cataclysm – a physical effects spectacular on a life-size outdoor street set utilizing more than 750,000 gallons of water, pyrotechnics, and massive show set effects.
    • The Battle of Shanghai – an epic war/siege saga delivered through a massive multi-screen media-based simulation incorporating live actors on and off board the tram vehicle. 
    • Special Effects Spectacular – A full tram immersion experience incorporating guest participation in a 3-act special effect narrative sequence, resulting in a show film and guest video take away.
  • Shanghai Showdown – (Immersive Media Attraction) – A highly interactive multi-level multi-car chase gamified dark ride – Guests pursue and battle the notorious Green Gang through the streets of 1930s Shanghai in this interactive gamified dark ride adventure. Utilizing the world’s first combination of multi-level building, life-size street show sets, motion-based vehicles, interactive media characters, large show action effects, and competitive gaming on multi-level targets and media and show sets throughout, incorporating 11- 40’ tall 3D parabolic media screens and more than 150- 60’’ and 100” screens and thousands of targets in both the media based and physical world.
  • Monkey King’s Battle in Heaven (World’s Largest Dome Theater) – A dazzling retelling of the Monkey King’s rebellion against heaven that pays homage to classic Chinese film animation using cutting-edge immersive technology on the largest dome screen in the world.
  • Treasures of the Imperial Mausoleum – The Phantom Zone – (Immersive Media Tower) – Visitors to the Shanghai Museum are caught up in the midst of an interdimensional battle between good and evil in this immersive media thrill ride.
  • Outlaw Run : Epic Stunt Spectacular – (Epic Stunt Show) – Police Chief Xi faces off against his archenemy Boss Tian and his men in the streets and on the rooftops of old Shanghai in this action-packed theatrical production. Using life-size mobile building-size show sets, a life-size moving / crashing elevated train, multiple interactive audience-based characters, stunt environments throughout the stadium, and over 60 stunt vehicles and stunt people. With so much to see, the guests are left in awe having an epic experience like no other.


  • IP development
  • Story development, media development, and all narrative scripts
  • Design of rides, show sets, environments, characters, costumes, placemaking elements, interior architecture, all media content
  • Show elements lists and technical scripts
  • Conceptualization and development of all interactives
  • Show choreography
  • Gamification and gameplay mechanics
  • Manufacturer RFPs (Request For Proposal)
  • Best practices benchmarking, logistics, and operational intent consulting
  • Preliminary SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures)
  • Sponsorship and investment asset creation 
  • Owner representation and industry introductions
  • Preliminary SOP
  • Owner representation and industry introductions

More Work

We worked with Ubisoft, an iconic game and brand developer with a broad IP portfolio to expand into location-based entertainment as a marquee immersive experience property. We began by introducing the industry and nuances of experiential entertainment on a series of global best practices tours. Following these trips we tapped into Ubisoft’s rich universe of existing content, developing a strong unified brand story, cohesive long range strategic plan, and detailed licensing program, successfully resulting in the client’s first contract-based licensing agreement with IMG World of Legends Dubai.

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