Ubisoft Entrance into Experiential Entertainment

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We worked with Ubisoft, an iconic game and brand developer with a broad IP portfolio to expand into location-based entertainment as a marquee immersive experience property. We began by introducing the industry and nuances of experiential entertainment on a series of global best practices tours. Following these trips we tapped into Ubisoft’s rich universe of existing content, developing a strong unified brand story, cohesive long range strategic plan, and detailed licensing program, successfully resulting in the client’s first contract-based licensing agreement with IMG World of Legends Dubai.

Project Type

Branding, Strategic Planning, Licensing program, and attraction development for global destinations and experiences





How do we position the parent brand behind an internationally successful IP portfolio to create a cohesive story and transform the brand itself into an iconic global property? How do we translate each of these digital experiences into an immersive real world entertainment experience with a sustainable licensing and operational business model?


To build a strong knowledge base, we guided the client team on an international tour of theme parks, including an industry overview, exploring the fundamentals of LBE design and storytelling, destination business models, best practices, team-building and operations. Then, leveraging the client’s rich library of popular content, we developed a strong unifying brand story to build a bridge with a wider audience in the destination space.


  • Strategic LBE brand development, including creative, conceptual, and narrative development of key Ubisoft properties and the Ubisoft parent brand for adaptation to the destination entertainment model.
  • Owner representation and Global Liaison, including industry introductions and guiding the team to meet destination owners and key figures in China, Europe, MENA, and the US with a focus on forming relationships and identifying collaborative opportunities.
  • Attended events with clients internationally, introducing them to the global manufacturer, supplier, and talent population.
  • Performed extensive licensing services globally.
  • Organized and led business modeling across the portfolio.
  • Ideated immersive experiences for many of the portfolio assets.

The Results

Located and facilitated client’s first contract-based licensing agreement with IMG World of Legends Dubai.

Client's Words

"We consulted with the immersive design and strategic brand-building firm Raven Sun Creative. They proved to be an incredibly dedicated partner; absolutely key in growing our understanding and presence in this market."
Jean de Rivières
Senior Vice President, Location-based entertainment, Ubisoft


  • Executive Consultant
  • Strategic Brand Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Budgeting
  • Creative Development
  • Creative and Technical Advisory
  • Experiential Entertainment Team Building
  • Global Liaison and Owner Representative
  • Licensing Advisement

More Work

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