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We worked with the iconic global cruise brand to expand their experiential entertainment offering with the development of new experiences for their upcoming projects. Tapping into their extensive history, strong consumer relationship, and powerful brand, we worked with the new builds division, leading global manufacturers, technologists, and developers to bring new ideas to life.


Prototypical Experiences




We’d love to tell you but we’d have to kill you. 🤫


Develop multiple innovative experiential attractions that would offer the new builds division choices for future development opportunities. Each experience is designed to enhance the iconic elements of the brand, delight the guests, drive ship attendance, and expand Carnival’s impressive resort experience portfolio.


When the time is right we will all be very excited to share what’s in store for future guests aboard Carnival.


  • Executive Consultant 
  • Brand Experience Development
  • Creative Development
  • Creative and Technical Advisor
  • Process and Best Practices
  • Budgeting
  • Team Building
  • Operational Studies
  • Content Creation
  • Experiential analysis of existing properties and wider industry

Client's Words

"He's clearly a subject matter expert on just about any of the topics that we've explored. He's not just a creative but - it seems whenever we're looking at something he's thinking about the technical, creative, operational - he's thinking about the whole project"
Glenn Aprile
Director Carnival Cruises, New Builds Division

More Work

Hersheypark sought a next-level ride experience that would expand its attraction portfolio, elevate the destination’s competitive profile, and drive attendance. Our challenge was to utilize the infrastructure of an existing attraction and ride system while transforming the assets into new and exciting marketable guest experience. Through the development of an original IP, innovative design, and new technology applications, we created an interactive ride experience with gaming elements never before incorporated in a dark ride attraction. The result? Reese’s Cupfusion is unique within the industry and one of the most popular and highly rated experiences at Hersheypark.

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