Raven Sun Creative leaders shared insights at Museums Immersive Network webinar

Raven Sun Creative’s Principal & Chief Creative Officer, Louis Alfieri, has recently been appointed to the Museums Immersive Network Advisory Board and spoke at a Museums Immersive Network webinar, “Futureproofing Museums For A Post-Covid World”, on January 27, 2021.

During the virtual event, Louis led a session entitled “How to leverage the power of brand storytelling for cultural institutions, heritage tourism, and artainment.” He explored the power of branding and immersive technologies, and how they can be used to transform the museum experience.

Brand storytelling in museums

“We are at the dawn of a new period in human existence. Faced with challenges great and small, how can we assist cultural institutions in breaking through the fractured transmedia landscape to grow their audience, make a difference in the world, and ensure their financial viability,” said Louis.

Raven Sun Creative’s Senior Writer & Associate Producer, Tim Madison, was also present at the virtual event, where he explored the topic of how cultural institutions can find new ways to build their audience in a session called “Reimagining Your Assets.”

“Brand storytelling and the repurposing of content to engage new audiences is such a vital topic for museums, cultural institutions, and heritage attractions. To do this meaningfully requires a recombining, reframing, and recontextualizing of what exists to create new experiences and interventions,” sayid Tim.

Tim Madison

The Museums Immersive Network promotes and shares best practices, new developments, and potential collaborations between museums and immersive technologies. This helps museums and cultural institutions to share their collections and stories in new more accessible ways.

“We hope the Museums Immersive Network will support the establishment of immersive technology more broadly within the sector and boost confidence in working with tech businesses to create new experiences for our communities,” says Amy Shakespeare, Innovation Manager at Cornwall Museums Partnership.

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