IAAPA Asia Virtual Expo


IAAPA recently announced that the in-person expo in Shanghai has been canceled.  Instead, a virtual expo will be held.  Many of the expo’s sessions have been pre-taped and will be shared via IAAPA’s platforms.  Stay tuned for a full schedule.

Our panel will be delivered on Friday, August 13, 2:00 – 2:50 p.m. China Standard Time CST.

Panel Discussion: Bridging Worlds

Our own Louis Alfieri will be leading a panel discussion entitled “Bridging Worlds: Using Collaborative Business Models to Revive the Out-of-Home Entertainment Industry.”

How can we break down barriers to collaborate and stimulate innovation?  How can we reach across business sectors and market segments for the mutual benefit of diverse industries and talent pools?  Bringing thought and business leaders together to form the feature film, museum, technology, media, experiential entertainment, and VC sectors together we explore how to form collaborative ecosystems that open new avenues to business, expand audiences, and dismantle previously established silos.  Together, in this panel discussion, we’ll investigate the ways in which creative problem-solving, thought-provoking processes, and new business models can provide innovative solutions and opportunities to owners, suppliers, and audiences around the world.


Uniting business minds from varying business sectors, the session will audiences offer new perspectives on collaboration across verticals, additional methods of emotionally connecting with audiences, and contribute insights on how to mend cultural divides (commercially and socially). Attendees will leave educated and empowered with new opportunities to innovate and engage their teams with new and actionable insights from various business sectors and industry leaders to impact in their organization, community, and guest audiences.

Meet The Panel

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