Saturn V

Do Scalable Better

Saturn V is a complete turnkey attraction solution—a fully-realized spinning dark ride coaster that makes marquee attraction wow factor affordable and accessible to a wider spectrum of destinations around the globe.


Turn-key solution (immersive dark ride and spinning coaster)




Entrepreneurial Joint Venture with Maurer Rides


Identify what is missing from the marketplace. We saw the opportunity to create a turn-key world-class attraction delivering the thrills and immersive atmosphere of a global destination park experience, to regional and local park owners – coupled with modular flexibility and expandability at a fraction of the investment the global entertainment providers would require.


Raven Sun Creative formed a partnership with Maurer Rides to develop an attraction solution that would open up new possibilities for a wider range of owners and destinations. By designing a turnkey solution with a high degree of modularity, we could deliver a world-class product that was more cost efficient on a greatly reduced timeframe. Our attraction needed to be…

  • A true turnkey end-to-end attraction solution
  • Affordable and operationally cost-effective
  • An exceptional guest experience with a high desirability factor appealing to a wide audience
  • IP adaptive and customizable with a range of available experience options
  • Scalable to meet a variety of capacity needs and spatial constraints
  • Durable and dependable technology
  • Weather resistant, thereby allowing great operational flexibility and seasonality for regional owners


We developed an immersive dark ride spinning coaster complete with an original IP using universally inspirational content and compelling storytelling to ensure broad audience appeal across all age demographics and world cultures.

Designed to meet the rigorous demands of long-term use while delivering a strong return on investment, Saturn V offers scalable design solutions to enables owners to customize Saturn V to their individual budget, brand, and operational goals. The flexibility of the ride space and show elements allow for the exciting possibility of adapting and refreshing the attraction over time.

The collective industry experience of the Saturn V team enabled us to create a world class turn-key attraction that offers a high-quality guest experience which is flexible, affordable, easy to maintain, and dependable to operate.

The Results

Pending further development


  • Immersive dark ride spinning coaster
  • Saturn V is an original IP and story experience–a fanciful and thrilling cosmic family adventure with cross-generational appeal.
  • Fully realized multi-media environment combining physical sets, lighting, projection, special effects, and animated show-action effects.
    • Capable of 2D or 3D media effects.
  • Optional elements include:
    • 1) Extended show capability  – dark ride show extensions incorporating numerous show scenes and storytelling elements.
    • 2) a series of coaster interactive elements which are new to the market and that work for every age group.
    • 3) multiple large and medium scale media content choices throughout the experience.
    • 4) a complete facility content and show environment program (exterior, placemaking, queue line, spiels, music, wayfinding, etc).
    • 5) Options for permanent (fixed) and traveling installation formats.


  • Attraction development
  • Ride vehicle design
  • Show experience design
  • Key art
  • Pervisualizations
  • 3D modeling
  • Developed operational logic
  • Developed an array of ride profiles for various experiences and show programming
  • Show script
  • All ride and show graphics
  • Storyboards, animatics, previsualizations, 3D models and wire frames
  • Delivered and supported all marketing and promotional assets
  • Developed complete operational budget as a standalone attraction
  • Coordinated with Maurer executive management and project directors
  • Oversight of project
  • Sales and client recommendations
  • Developed budget
  • Assembled and oversaw all team members

More Work

As Producer and Creative Director for Universal Creative, Louis Alfieri worked in collaboration with B&M roller coasters, USJ, and a very young  team to design, fabricate, and install the World’s First Guest Selectable Audio Roller Coaster attraction for Universal Studios Japan.

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