Brand Relaunch: Raven Sun 2.0

The Importance of Brand

A brand is so much more than a logo, a set of colors and approved corporate fonts. According to Harvard professor Gerald Zaltman, 95% of our purchasing decisions are subconscious and driven largely by emotion. That emotional connection is created through brand experiences—the many touch points a consumer has with a brand over the course of a lifetime. So what happens when it’s time to refresh and relaunch a brand?

RAven Sun 2.0

In the middle of a global pandemic, as we started to approach the 10-year anniversary of our brand, we began to reflect on our brand story, the story of the Raven, which has been told in Native American tribes for centuries – and will be the focal point of a future blog. Raven is the powerful figure who transforms the world. Stories tell how Raven created the land, released the people from a cockle shell, and brought them fire. Raven brought the light to our world. So, too, our focus for the last nine years has been to bring transformation to our clients, to lead them along the path of potential. And we’ve had the privilege of working alongside some of the world’s most iconic brands in the process.

Brand Core

Among the crowded and ever-changing landscape of experiential entertainment, we needed to break out of the stale firm model and differentiate ourselves – why us over anyone else? The process started with a deep-dive into our core purpose – a focus on why we exist, what we do every day, our beliefs. If these sound familiar, it’s no surprise. The answers to these key questions became the framework for our Mission, Vision and Values. This foundation – this brand core – alone does not provide sellable differentiation.

Brand Position

So, next we embarked on understanding our brand position within our competitive set. To understand how others saw us, we conducted quantitative and qualitative research. We surveyed our employees, advisors and those closest to our organization. We asked them what made Raven Sun unique, to identify our strengths and opportunities. We spoke with clients and asked them why they chose us and what we did well – and where we could improve.

Through this process, we heard three things consistently:

  1. We know our terrain: Louis’ soup-to-nuts understanding of the experiential entertainment space makes him an asset on any aspect of any project.
  2. We bring solutions: Our clients repeatedly reinforced the value of our team’s guidance in transforming any challenge into bold and enduring solutions.
  3. We raise the standard: Our team, led by Louis, continually pushes for more and better – no matter the project, the budget or the circumstances – and always with our client’s success in mind.

The feedback we obtained through this rigorous research led us to identify our unique selling proposition as the authority  – the ability, agility and know-how to step into any project at any stage and bring lasting value.

Brand Persona

Finally, we needed to establish an outward-facing personality and voice for the brand. We tapped into Carl Jung’s archetypes. The term “archetype” is a translation of “original pattern” from ancient Greek. Jung identified 12 universal, mythic characters that reside within our collective unconscious, representing the range of basic human motivations. And, as noted earlier, because branding is so much about creating human connections, we had to identify an authentic personality, already aligned with the Raven Sun brand.

The Raven is a rebel by nature, having literally changed the world by bringing light to the people. And so there was no contest about our personality. Just look at the core beliefs of a Rebel Brand Archetype:

  • Motto: rules are made to be broken
  • Core desire: revolution
  • Goal: to overturn what isn’t working
  • Talent: radical freedom

And just as Raven, we transform: clients, business and guests.

What sets us apart

We liberate you from the constraints of industry norms. As the authority, we bring the whole package, all of the know-how to strip down and transform any experiential entertainment and destination development challenge into bold and enduring solutions— and to do it better. We guide you to pursue your potential—to demand and push for better solutions that raise the standard. To drive better decisions for your business and the good of our future, working towards projects that are sustainable. To push elevated cross-cultural collaboration that creates change and momentum, propelling you to success around the globe.

What we do

Create transformational human moments by raising the standard to solve clients’ biggest experiential entertainment and destination development challenges—and—do it better.

New Website

We’re proud to introduce our new website, which encompasses all the work around our brand re-launch. We hope you stick around and check out some of our work and learn more about what we do.

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